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Geopoderes Webinars

The webinar series started as an initiative to continue knowledge sharing and connecting between people all over the world despite not being able to meet face to face due to the covid-19 pandemic. The first series ran from December 2020-June 2021 every first and last Tuesday of the month.

The 2020-2021 webinar series enabled networking and fostered collaboration between different groups of researchers, artists, and organizations. Due to the success of the first webinar series, it has been renewed for a new 2022 series, that’s currently on-going.

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Living with Geoheritage & Resilience

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This series is co-presented by IGCP 692 'Geoheritage for Resilience' and IGC 718 'Bringing Geoheritage to Life'

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1st webinar series (2021)


The first webinar series presented by the IGCP Project 692 covering a variety of topics on Geoheritage & Resilience.

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Here are the recordings from all of our past webinar events

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