Knowing Planet Earth

G=geoscience awareness across cultures and languages

The Global Framework

The Global Framework was introduced in 2018 in a Global and Planetary change Article ( link), and proposes in a single page format, a tabular view of the whole Earth system, from core to space.

The idea of this is to render simple the Earth system for easy visualisation and communication.

Knowing Planet Earth: Geoscience awareness across cultures and languages was an event for the IUGG Centenary year (2019), which launched the Global Framework and the idea of Geomojis – Globally intelligible icons for Earth Processes. While the IUGG event was a one- off launch, funded by IUGG, organised by the UNESCO International Geosciences Programme for the IUGG, the Knowing Planet Earth project continues under the auspices of Geoheritage for Resilience. All projects are working to integrate the Framework’s use in their work and to develop and use geomojis in communication.

A PhD. project is funded by the Auvergne Rhone Alps Region for developing this and an Interlingual glossary of geological risk terms.‚Äč

Global Framework Description

This comes from a Poster at the European Geophysical Union Meeting 2017