Webinar 07 : Novak Matevž & Esmail ELAHPOUR

Novak Matevž - PhD, Scientific Associate at the Geological Survey of Slovenia

‘Several questions were raised after this event so, aid financing as governmental responsibility, so to what degree and for how much longer does it make sense? How much money should we spend for the events that are taking place on all over and all over again the same almost same events with the same damage and they are just making reparation after reparation ‘

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Novak Matevž presenting tectonic settings of the Southern Alps

Novak Matevž answering questions

Esmail ELAHPOUR - Assistant Professor of Geology, Payamenoor university of Birjand, Iran


‘ Tabas as a special position in Iran in terms of mineral reserves and there are more than 45 types of minerals ‘

‘ Tabas geopark should be introduced to the world as one of the most unique Mine – Driven geoparks’


Esmail Elahpour starting his presentation

Esmail Elahpour & Benjamin Van Wyk de Vries having serious discussion

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