Webinar series: Learn more about the Geoheritage for Geohazard Resilience!

Welcome to the webinars page. Here you will find all the recordings of our webinars.

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Webinar_01: Mahar Lagmay & Benjamin Van Wyk de Vries

For this first session Dr. Mahar Lagmay and Dr. Benjamin Van Wyk de Vries tell us about tools used for resilience. Abstracts are available by clicking on the link. 

Artificial Intelligence use in Disaster Risk Reduce and Resilience Mahar Lagmay 

Geoheritage tools for ResilienceBenjamin Van Wyk de Vries 

Webinar_02: Marton Pal & Viktor Vereb

For this second session our two speakers tell us about Geotoursim. Abstratcs are available through the link below 

Measuring the opinion of Hungarian Geotourists on Geoheritage and Geohazards – Marton Pal 

Visitor feedbacks on geotouristic indicators: first results and experiences from France – Viktor Vereb 

Webinar_03: Rory Walshe & Maëlle Calandra ​

Rory Walshe

Maëlle Calandra