Philippine Geoheritage

pamanang likas ng Pilipinas 

Intersection of Historical, Cultural, and Geo-Heritage in the Macolod Corridor Volcanic Area of the Calabarzon Region, Philippines

One of our study areas in the Philippines is the ‘Macolod Corridor’ in the Calabarzon Philippines. It is the volcanically and tectonically active area that encompasses the active Taal and Banahaw volcanoes. 

Our main work in the area includes geodiversity and geomorphic mapping of the volcanic area done by Naomi Irapta (M2 Research), and an exploration of the geoheritage potential of the Calabarzon Region as a whole by Mr. Viktor Vereb (included in PhD Research) and Ms. Naomi Irapta

Watch: Naomi talks about the old Taal Church ruins and the Taal Basilica in the Philippines and how they can be tools for geohazard awareness and resilience building

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We have also presented our work in the following events:

Our fieldwork in the Philippines are always fun!