2022 Webinar 1 | Vulcano: the possible Island residency by Cécile Genovese

2022 Webinar 1 | Vulcano: the possible Island residency by Cécile Genovese

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January 28, 2022

In June 2021 a large group of artists, scientists and locals came together on Vulcano Island, Isole Eolie, Italy, to celebrate the diveristy of the Island, and to work together to consolidate the island's resilience. This presentation give the results of this, including a showing of the Fil 'Terra Volcanic' produced during the residency.

In October 2021, the inhabitants of the island of Vulcano were surprised and destabilised by the volcanic activity, presence of CO2, which led to a partial evacuation of the population in November. For the end of year celebrations, some families were able to return to their homes, but many already relocated did not make the trip. The island is being depopulated, many activities have closed or relocated. The inhabitants who remain are those who have mainly invested in the territory, who live from tourism and agriculture, and their concern is considerable. The danger linked to CO2 is not visible to the naked eye and never like this year a mediation between science and the population is necessary.

The Possible Island residency project in June 2022 would above all be a positive message of hope and renewal. A didactic programme to explain the recent activities under the crater to the younger inhabitants. We would also like to collaborate with the civil protection on a playful work on evacuation procedures, in collaboration with the local dance school. Artists and scientists together to put words and images on the events of the last months, to give a better reading of the territory and its mechanisms, its dangers and how to face them.


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