Geopedegral Mexico

Geopedegral is a project led by Marie-Noëlle Guilbaud at UNAM Campus, Mexico City

Geopedegral is an outcrop of young basaltic lava that has been rescued from being converted into a parking lot in Mexico´s National University (UNAM) main campus. Its original surface and associated vegetation cover have been restored and it is being used for multiple purposes including as an educational site for students from primary school to university level and a location for cultural events and festivities. (Ortega-Larrocea)

This place ambitions to serve as a starting point for several geo-tours around the University campus, with the aim to guide locals and visitors through the peculiarities of this lava field and raise awareness on environmental conservation, sustainability, and volcanic processes and hazards.

Learn more about the Geopedegral (in Spanish) by visiting the Geopedregal- Instituto de Geología (UNAM) page by clicking the link below

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A new article by Marie-Noëlle Guilbaud ; María del Pilar Ortega-Larrocea ; Silke Cram & Benjamin van Wyk de Vries

EN: Large, developing cities built in tectonically active areas face multiple issues including high geohazards. Through the case of the Xitle volcano in Mexico city, we show in this paper how the preservation and valuing of urban geosites can help dealing with some of the city´s problems, contributing to a higher appreciation of natural features and their benefits to people.

ES: Grandes ciudades en desarrollo ubicadas en áreas tectónicamente activas están confrontadas a múltiples problemas, incluyendo riesgos geológicos altos. A través del caso del volcán Xitle en la Ciudad de México, mostramos en este artículo como la preservación y valoración de geositios urbanos puede ayudar a resolver algunos problemas de la ciudad, contribuyendo así a una mejor apreciación de elementos de la naturaleza y sus beneficios para las personas.

FR : Les grandes villes en développement localisées dans des zones tectoniquement actives sont confrontées à de multiples problèmes, dont des risques géologiques élevés. Au travers du cas du volcan Xitle dans la ville de Mexico, nous montrons dans cet article comment la préservation et valorisation de geosites urbains peut aider la ville à régler certains de ses problèmes en contribuant à une meilleure appréciation des éléments naturels et leur bénéfice pour les personnes.